Toddler to Pre Schooler

All Grown Up…

A few more months and my little lad’s going to school! It was only like yesterday when I first held him in my arms… Sob… My little boy is growing up fast, a pre schooler soon… I noticed changes in his size (height and weight) early January this year but what surprised us all was his sudden weight gain from 13kgs to 20kgs!

OMG #PaulParcs no wonder I’m having back pains!😱 Your BMI is 22.6. That puts you above the 95th percentile, which indicates you are OBESE.😅 44.1lbs.(20kgs.), 37in. (94cm.) @32months 🤔 #BMI #toddlertales #heavyweight #myfatkid #fatsoPaul #porkyPaul

I still want to carry him like a baby but the problem is, I get all kinds of body aches whenever I do! I still can’t believe my son is no longer a small baby but a little boy expressing his desire to go to school!

He eats a lot, likes the company of kids who are older than him, he enjoys watching videos, plays with Nerf guns, runs around, he can memorize the 9 planets in the solar system, he’s a walking encyclopedia in training, polite, well behave, obedient though at times can go a little bit out of control, he shouts and punches or kick when provoked, throws things when in tantrums especially when he’s tired and sleepy, he likes animals and loves nature and most of all he likes being surrounded by people he loves and who loves him. He is in fact a darling of the crowd and my boy amazes me so much, he makes me proud as a mom!

His bright and happy personality is enough to make one smile, his curly hair and chubby cheeks make the ladies scream. His charisma, charm and wit makes people turn their heads to him but despite all the attention he gets, it’s our love and attention (his parents) that he is longing most. He likes to cuddle with me and his tatty, he always ask us to play with him, pray and eat together.

His love language is TIME and his love tank is always full! What a blessed boy he is!😊


Potty/Toilet Training

At long last… 

I’ve been trying to potty train my son for almost a year now and I have to admit it was a struggle on my part. I get frustrated and almost gave up months ago because I was scared he might step and slip on his own pee while I am working.

December 18 ( Sunday)

While preparing for his bath, my little man wasn’t wearing a diaper and he suddenly shouted pee! We both hurried to his potty and to my surprise he really peed! I cheered loudly after he did it and was really happy.  After a few more minutes, he told me he was going to poop and I didn’t have to ask him to sit on his potty–he did it on his own. Again, we clapped and cheered for him and he looked so proud of himself so was I!

Finally, he was ready! The struggle is real but it was worth the wait!

His dad asked him what reward does he want to receive, we all laughed when he said: “Phone, big phone!!!” He meant to say, borrow mommy’s big phone.

Thank you Lord for this achievement! All things are beautiful in His time. 🙂


#PaulParcs Toddler Vocabulary

Toddlers have their own way of communicating but most of the time they learn by mimicking what adults say and do. As much as we would like to understand what they’re trying to tell us, let’s admit it that we don’t get it all the time. Often, this can frustrate your toddler and may be a source of their tantrums. Be patient with your toddler, if you don’t understand the word try to ask them leading questions. It took me months to finally figure out my toddler’s vocab so here are examples of his cute toddler words:

“Ti-tap!” (Wake up)

“Mowning” (Good morning)

“Eeh-t” (Eat)

“Didark” (It’s dark)

“Bi-do” (Ambulance siren)

“Nayt” (A place he’s been to)

“Cameer” (Come here)

“Die down” (Lie down)

“Chacher” (Soccer)

“1,3,9” (Learn the numbers video)

“Lookahdis” (Look at this)

“Abyu” (I love you)

“Tanchu” (Thank you)

“Bah-lons” (Balloons)

“Phoon” (Phone)

“Vijos” (Video)

“Me/Me too” (Yes)

“One/Mihlk” (Milk)

“Dizard” (Lizard)

“Moona” (Luna – moon’s name)

“Eyoww” (Eww)

“Go-ross” (Gross)

“Shrabi” (Crabbie his comfort blanket)

“Taptap” (Laptop)

“Bee-ball bells” (Jingle bells)

“Chrishmas” (Merry Christmas)

“Eh-men” (Amen)

“Jeshash” (Jesus)

“Chuya” (Kuya / Big Brother)

“Chobe” (Kobe / ShihTzu Dog of My Sister)

“Shalut” (Salute)

“Shplay” (Play)

“Blafly” (Butterfly)


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On Boys and Toys

Playtime… Quality Time…

Lately, I’ve been struggling to balance work and play with my son. It’s been a constant battle between blogging and feeding that I always end up not getting a thing or 2 done until he is asleep at night. I sleep late and wake up early with only 4-5 hours of restful eye shut (2-3 feeding interruptions) every night . I get grouchy and find myself follow suit my toddler’s crankiness. I’ve always wanted to spend more time with Paul but work permits me not as I have deadlines to catch up and I am almost always tempted to say that 24 hours a day is not enough for me and that I need more time.

Working at home is a blessing but the struggle is real, believe me! I always end up with a toddler in my lap watching a video while his hands are all over the place, tapping my laptop’s keyboard or throwing toys. If he’s not quite satisfied with the attention I am giving him, you’ll find him latching, sticking his fingers inside my mouth and hearing him say “mom-my” 10x in one minute. Oh how I love to hear him say that and I don’t mind hearing it repeatedly.
It is a pleasure watching my son grow every single day. He is one show I enjoy watching over and over again. I love how he looks at me for comfort after bumping his head or tripping down the floor. When he wants milk he says “mah, mah” or if he’s taking a bath he says “sho-wah”. He plays with bubbles and calls it “ba-ba-ba-bubbles”. Paul is a breath of fresh air! He completely surprises me and his tatay day after day.

He can play on his own and still enjoy himself. He goes to his play area and pulls out books to see pictures and pretends that he’s reading them. His imagination is wild and very creative! He puts a plastic from his diaper on his shoulder and thinks he is flying like superman. He makes helicopter sounds and flies the airplane. He knows different animal sounds and is interested in learning the Alphabet and solar system. He is such a wise guy at 1 year and 3 months!

He is my daily workout and my constant companion at everything. He is my audience when I pee or take a bath, he’s always right behind me while I do something in the kithen and he’s like a waggling tail who follows me wherever I go around the house. Even when he does that, it is just so cute and I don’t find it a nuisance! When he started walking, I have to use thrice the energy I have to keep up with his high energy level; he amuses us with a peek-a-boo game, he climbs our sofa and tries to roll down, he loves to run and get chased, he likes rolling on the bed, do tumblings and go down by himself. I only realize at the end of the day how exhausted I am.

Nevertheless, motherhood is an experience I would never want to trade in.



To My Toddler

All the firsts I’ve had with you surely made it in my long term memory. I’m not sure how long I could keep it but I will forever embrace it in my heart and in my soul. I wish I had known before how quickly you’d grow up and how fast you’ll be able to learn things. I am still stuck to the time when you were just a newborn, then a month old and then the next months went by swiftly I could hardly catch up. It’s a good thing I took lots of pictures, almost everyday since day 1 and wrote in my blog every milestone I have witnessed. I find all your photos cute, comforting, assuring, amusing, funny and memorable to look at.  You gave me a sense of pride, joy and deep love not even words could explain. 

Though pain sometimes accompanied my ‘first’ experiences with you, I’d rather go through it all again coz I know it would also become the last. All too soon, I may not be able to cuddle you, play with you on the floor or look silly just to make you laugh. You’d go out on your own, live your life and explore the endless possibilities of your existence in this world.

You’re the only one who could make me feel drowned and lost in a moment, whether it’s breastfeeding you or rocking you to sleep. I look at you in the deep of the night, just looking at your innocent and angelic face gave me more reason to experience motherhood at a different level.

Mornings have become special and an addiction I look forward to everyday. I love seeing your wide grin and huge smile the moment you open your eyes and see me. Not seeing me meant a loud cry from you and a reason for me to quickly grab you and hug you tight just to let you know everything’s gonna be alright.

I used to dread having to breastfeed you, I got all kinds of pain I never knew existed before. A year has gone and passed by, now it’s me who doesn’t want to let go. I dread for the time to come that you will stop and wouldn’t want to feed from me anymore. It may be exhausting but now all I know is I just want to hold you closer more than ever.

I wish for you to know how much joy you bring into my life and your dad’s life. Whether it was talking ‘minion-ish’, covering your mouth when you cough, yawn, cry or laugh, walking in a penguin-like manner, picking up toys and munching on them and eating while your mouth is covered with bits and pieces of food around it. You made me learn how to appreciate the little things in life, some things unnoticeable have become something I took time to notice like lizards on the wall, ants on the floor, insects flying and weird sounds. 

You make folding of clothes a whole lot better and cleaning up of the house a fun thing to do. You taught mommy how to sing the ABC’s in 100 different tunes, you made me memorize nursery rhymes by heart and play toys for boys. 

Putting you to bed is also a bit of a challenge bringing out the best and worse in me. Bed time stories, singing lullabyes and kissing you good night will always be favourite. 

Now, I’m looking at you while you take your afternoon nap I just want to kiss you and hold you close. Your face, your eyes, your nose, your chin and your lips, I look at you and I see a resemblance of your dad’s face and mine as I whisper, “this must be love!” I look at you intently so I would remember your cute little face forever. There will never be another day, or another time in my whole life where this experience will have to repeat itself. All of it will be one of its kind, a memory worth holding on to, a love worth fighting for.

Paul, you are my joy, a big part of me I will love and treasure forever and ever. I love you!❤️



#PaulParcs Pool Party Bash

DIY Party…

It’s way past my bedtime and here I am so consumed with a lot of things running in my mind. So instead of thinking, tossing and turning I’d rather make good use of my time and start blogging about #PaulParcs pool party bash. This is long overdue!

Planning #PaulParcs party was really fun for me and Rocky but sometimes we can’t help but get emotional at how fast he is growing up. The journey is worth repeating and we’re willing to go over it again if given the chance to.

I just want to share the most memorable moment in our life as a family, our 2nd big event with #PaulParcs (first one was his dedication) and now his 1st birthday celebration. I hope these practical tips will also help you when planning out for a big party.


At first, we can’t really decide on the theme for his party because we wanted it to come from Paul. We would like the theme to be Paul’s choice but he was really just a baby back then who was only fascinated with sounds and colors and it doesn’t make sense having him surrounded with characters he is not truly interested in. Disney Tsum Tsum, Cars and Hi5 appealed to him but we’re not sure it was what he really wanted at this point?

As June 21st got nearer, Rocky and I decided on a pool party so that all the invited kids will have fun splashing in the pool! Good thing we did that because not only did the kids enjoyed, surprisingly the adults too! We’re so happy with the outcome!


Next on the list was to look for a venue, it was Rocky’s officemate who recommended The Henry Hotel and right after we visited the place, we were entirely sold out to the idea of having Paul’s party in that place. We envisioned everything like it was already his birthday.

I also want to share with you our supernatural experience of God’s miracle on the day of Paul’s birthday celebration. June is a rainy month and we’ve been checking the weather forecast every single day to check if it’ll rain on the 21st. Mind you, I do love the rain! But to rain on my son’s party doesn’t quite fit in to our idea of an outdoor celebration. Yes, we prayed and prayed for a month that it won’t rain and the next thing that happened will blow your mind away.

Let me go over this with you on a blow by blow account. Sunday came it was June 21st, the sun shone its brightest and made us feel its heat. We were rejoicing and getting so excited to party until… afternoon came and the rain started pouring down. My heart broke but Rocky and I were positive and declared that the rain would stop and the skies will clear out!

We arrived at the venue at 2 pm to set up but the poolside area was deserted and the staff told us that they’ve already set up at the 2nd floor (indoor) area because the rain didn’t stopped. We never had second thoughts and still asked them to do the set up at the poolside area because the rain will stop. You should’ve seen the look on their faces, filled with doubts and almost laughing due to our craziness. We believed that our God is great and while the rain poured down, we were just doing our thing setting up everything while interceding loudly to the point that the staff wondered what we were doing.

We didn’t mind them at all, I even told them to help us pray. Few minutes later, the dark skies began to clear and the rain stopped. Woah! What an amazing God we have! It only took an unwavering faith to stop the unpredictable rain and right after that I can’t stop gushing at how perfect that day God made for us to celebrate Paul’s birthday. He is soooo good! The best part is, three days after Paul’s birthday, it still didn’t rained. The Lord stretched our faith and it was one experience of his supernatural power that we will never, ever forget.


We’ve selected few close friends from church, my officemates before, Rocky’s officemates and of course our family. The total number of guests were 50 persons plus 17 kids. The number of people invited may be small but it looked like they already filled the entire pool area of the venue because it was really just a small place and it ‘unexpectedly’ became an exclusive party for us. The best thing about the party is having only people who were closest to us, there never was a dull and awkward moment because almost eveyone knew each other.


I love this part! It was like unleashing the creativity of the people we asked to make the DIY stuff for Paul’s party. Having a DIY party wasn’t part of the plan but along the way, we realized that making the  decors and props ourselves is way better than having someone else do it and then just pay. The labor of love of these people made Paul’s party extraordinarily special. We can really feel and see the love they have for Paul through their work and we are truly grateful for having friends and family like them.

SHOUTOUT to these awesome people:

A. Circles backdrop and Hot air balloon centerpiece: Kaka

B. Luggage Give Aways and Invitations: Nary

C. PaulParcs Standee: Ian

To everyone who helped set up the place, a BIG THANK YOU!

To add some twist to the pool party, we’ve invited a group of people who will perform the bubble show. It amazed everyone and we all felt like kids again! It was really a good time for all of us.

The games were pretty simple, it was for the adults only and we asked them to do an origami like contest (paper T-shirt and 3D stars). The first one to finish, wins.


And the most important part of the party… EATING TIME! One must not miss out on food or else everything else will be deemed useless. Aside from the talks and laughs, let’s admit that what makes a party even more fun is the FOOD! I have to say, their food is really good and our guests were satisfied. The dessert table was filled with goodies and sweets to die for, I can’t thank my mom, mom in law and sister enough for making our dream dessert table possible. Look at that, it is worth bragging for don’t you think?


No event is ever complete without a camera to shoot pictures on it. Good thing a good friend of ours from Rocky’s office had the entire party documented through the lens. Roche was able to capture this once in a lifetime event in Paul’s life and we are so grateful to him for doing a great job! The rest of the guests also had their smartphones and cameras to capture the event and flooded our social media by sharing, tagging and posting, thanks to all of them too for making the effort of shooting photos.


And so it has ended, I hate to close this chapter of our lives but our first year of having Paul was life changing and a remarkable one. I will definitely hold on to the wonderful memories we’ve created as a family while Paul is still young. We’re on to the next level, the second year of his life and counting. I wonder what his next birthday party will be. Might as well start planning now. Haha!

This boy changed our world forever that we can now never imagine what it feels like not having him around.

He has become the life and soul of everything that we do and for that we thank the Lord for the life of Paul! So blessed.😊



Little Wanderer

Walking Paul…

We’ve been so eager to see Paul take his real steps now that he is officially one year old. Some babies start to walk earlier than one year but from what I have read from baby center, this milestone will take other babies longer to develop like up to 24 months! Good thing we already trained him to stand up and balance himself since he was 7 months old but it was only last week when he took the courage to walk alone and transfer from one place to another. Although he was already walking when he was 9 months old, I believe at that time his muscles weren’t as strong as it is now and he wasn’t as confident as he is now. As first time parents, we’re so proud to see him take off and yes, happy to free our shoulders and arms from carrying him around. The downside, back ache from running after him and picking him up when he’s taking a dangerous route! Still, it is super fun and fulfilling!;-)

I would like to call him now our little wanderer. I can’t wait to travel with this guy and go to places around the world.:-)